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We have 3 Gateways to send SMS ::

1. Transactional: You can send Pre-Define Approved SMS (TRAI) to any number including DND with 6 Character Sender ID like "TD-GETSMS"

2. Economy: with this gateway you can send any SMS with random sender id to do SMS advertising for your Business related Activities, on NON DND number only also we are having database of Mobile numbers of all major cities in INDIA.

3. Subscribed : here you can send SMS to pre-subscribed number only, user who want to sub-scribe to your SMS has to send one time SMS like GETSPACE to 56767 to register their number to get update from your company then you can send SMS to those sub-scriber including DND with 6 Character Sender ID like "TD-GETSMS"

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Proven standard for reaching mobile users
Interact with customer through Virtual Code
Generate OTP, Send OTP and Verify Mobile
Reach Millions through Automated Calls
Generate lead for Higher ROI

Promotional, Transactional or OTP Which SMS Route Should I Choose?

Choose the SMS route best suited for your business needs, whether it is for bulk SMS marketing or for customer engagement. Here is a quick guide to help you get started.


If you need to send marketing related SMS like Offers, deals to existing or prospective customers, this is an ideal route for you. SMS are sent between 9am - 9pm, to Non DND Numbers only, as per TRAI guidelines.


If you need to send Alerts or critical information to your registered user base, this is an ideal route for you. SMS are sent 24x7 with a 6 Character Alphabetic Sender Id. SMS can be sent to DND and Non DND Numbers.


If you need to send One time password to your user, this is an ideal route for you, as it ensures SMS are delivered within seconds to the user and in case of delay or failure, system auto retries from alternate operators.

Our Core Features

Welcome to the most comprehensive, powerful and easy to use Communication platform...

Bulk SMS Alertified

Send personalized SMS to a group, compose SMS in regional languages, schedule & stagger your sends & more.


Reach your customers in your own Voice with our Powerful Outbound Dialer, for personalised interaction.

2 Factor Authentication

Your Complete OTP infrastructure! Ensuring OTP WILL NOT FAIL, COME WHAT MAY!


2 Way SMS

Simplify your messaging experience with long codes that enable two-way communication at ease.

Send Files as Attachments

For the first time ever, attach files with SMS! Insert PDFs, images, Word docs, spreadsheets & more as shortlinks.

Access Full-Featured APIs

Integrate your application and start sending SMS in minutes with robust & scalable SMS APIs.


Sign up and you'll get 10 free SMS messages to play with, use it to test our services.
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